Sharing RSS feeds on LinkedIn Groups

March 20, 2009

Since we launched news sharing in groups, users have shared nearly a million articles with professional colleagues.

The obvious desire for people to share and discuss news with their peers begged for us to develop more ways for people to collaborate on the numerous streams of news intelligence coming from publishers and bloggers.

This week we are launching a feature that will allow group owners and managers to create a custom news stream composed of RSS or Atom feeds that will be relevant for the group.  By adding an RSS feed, Atom feed, or just web site URL, managers will be able to create a feed tailored specifically for their group.

Group members will benefit by having a comprehensive news digest readily available to them on LinkedIn.  It can be a great way to discover new blogs and sources because they were shared in to the group and last, but not least, group members can discuss hot topics that are a result of this stream.

If your group manager has enabled news and discussions, you can find this feature under news tab in  “Latest News”.  If your group manager has not added a feed that you think would be a valuable inclusion for the group, send them a message with your suggestion.

We hope you enjoy the latest news feature that will allow you to consume, discuss, and collaborate on news within your groups.  As always, we are looking forward to your feedback and comments on this blog post as you consume news in a whole new way on the web.

Do your groups have this functionality turned on?