Connect with Me on the Palm Pre

June 15, 2009

I'm excited to announce that last weekend marked the launch of a new way for professionals to leverage the power of LinkedIn: our first native application for the Palm Pre.  For those of you lucky enough to have purchased a new Palm Pre, you'll find LinkedIn as one of the free applications immediately available in the Palm Pre application catalog.

Connections - Palm Pre

For those of you familiar with our iPhone application, you'll notice that we've taken a decidedly different approach with this first version for the Palm Pre.  We designed this application from the ground up for the new webOS platform.  As a result, you'll find the application features a simple but elegant set of features that integrate seamlessly into the platform.

With LinkedIn for the Palm Pre, you can easily view up-to-date information about any of your LinkedIn connections.  We've also seamlessly integrated LinkedIn search into the interface - typing in a name will not only search your connections, but will also reach across the cloud to LinkedIn to search the entire LinkedIn network in the background.

LinkedIn Search Results Final

Why walk into any interview, sales call, or client meeting without knowing the details of who you are meeting with?  With LinkedIn, you're able to type that name in a few minutes before the meeting, and walk in an expert.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn for Palm Pre also debuts, for the first time, the ability to truly connect on the go.  Not only does the new application offer the ability to send invitations, but also a clear and simple inbox to accept invitations.

Inbox Invites

We know that more and more professionals expect the ability to have the power of their professional networks wherever they go.  We're extremely excited to be a part of the launch of the Palm Pre, and this is one of many exciting new advances in mobile services that we're planning for 2009.

To learn more, we've posted a new page on the LinkedIn website about the whole family of LinkedIn mobile products.

P.S. The most common question we have received to date is, "When will LinkedIn integrate with the new Palm Synergy address book platform?"  Rest assured, this is something that we've already begun development on.  Stay tuned.