Video: LinkedIn SCALA Tech Talk

June 15, 2009

First off, thanks to everyone who attended the first LinkedIn Tech Talk session featuring the creator of SCALA, Martin Odersky, along with Nick Kallen of Twitter and David Pollak of LIFT. We had over 150 attendees at the event although we had originally planned only for 100. In addition to the audience here at Mountain View, we also live streamed the event to over ~1000 viewers, with over 140 of them viewing it live.

We'd also like to thank the following participants for submitting questions that drove the panel discussion: Parag Joshi, Vladimir Bacvanski, Pradeep Pujari, Mark Wong-VanHaren, Peter Simanyi, Aden Davies, Hernan Silberman, and  LinkedIn's Nick Dellamaggiore and Eishay Smith.

For those of you who had asked us to keep you posted of similar events in the future, we've created a LinkedIn group called Tech Talk Conversations where we'll announce it first and will continue featuring discussions from LinkedIn's own engineering community before and after the event. Feel free to join the group by clicking on the link below.

Join LinkedIn's Tech Talk Conversations group to be informed of future events