Java One 2009: The Secret Sauce that helps scale LinkedIn

July 10, 2009

Code Alert! This is a part of our continuing series on Engineering at LinkedIn. If this isn’t your cup of Java, check back tomorrow for regular LinkedIn programming. In the meanwhile, check out some of our recent feature announcements, tips and tricks, or success stories.

Java One 2009 has come and gone, and once again the engineering team at LinkedIn had the opportunity to make a few presentations that we'd like to share on the blog. Earlier this week, Brandon and Yegor shared their presentation in this blog. In addition to that, Dhananjay and I, were given the opportunity to deliver a technical session at Java One 2009 on how LinkedIn stores its data. A grand time was enjoyed by the both of us, as we regaled some 200+ engineering folks on how we have built our services to manage the data storage platform. The presentation was extremely well received and we just learned that our session was chosen as a Top session at the conference and will be linked to from the Java One conference homepage.

In addition, we've also received requests for a copy of the slides from many of you, so we have embedded it in this post as well. Please feel free to share this content with your peers and stay tuned for more around this exciting area on the blog. Look forward to hearing your comments.

[slideshare id=1689236&doc=javaone2009ts4696v5-090706205742-phpapp01]