SAP Community Bio: Your Connection Between LinkedIn and SCN

October 13, 2009

Scott.Lawley from SAP on LinkedIn's SCN app [Ed. note: This is a guest blog post from Scott Lawley from SAP on their first community app on the LinkedIn platform: SAP Community Bio.]

Like many of you reading this blog post today, I'm an avid LinkedIn user. For me, LinkedIn is an effective tool that I use on a regular basis to network with people within my industry, and to research new leads and opportunities.  Given time constraints I often don't have the time to update my online profiles on various social networking sites and would imagine this is a pretty common scenario. Starting today, we've made it extremely simple to share your SAP Community Network contributions to your LinkedIn network without any hassle.

As a product manager of the SAP Community Network (SCN), I am often asked similar questions by our members about making available SCN user profile information on LinkedIn.  Because our members develop a reputation over time through their contributions and community involvement, they would like to be able to take that with them to other social networking sites. And, now with the launch of SAP Community Bio, you can install an application on your LinkedIn profile that pulls data from your SCN business card.

Here are the particulars of the application.  The SAP Community Bio pulls your SCN membership status which is linked back to your SCN business card, total number of points, areas of expertise, active contributor status, SAP Mentor status, and links to your most recent blogs on SCN.  Here is a screenshot of my SAP Community Bio:

Scott Lawley post - SAP Community Bio Image

This application installs just like other LinkedIn applications.  The installation process is simple and will require that you authenticate it on SCN in order to complete the installation.  You can learn more about this application and start the installation process by visiting the SAP Community Bio page on SCN.

Once installed, this application appears on your LinkedIn profile page, the page that other LinkedIn members will see. In essence, your contribution to the SCN and your expertise now can be extended to the entire LinkedIn community.  So, if for example you are a Business Intelligence (BI) consultant and write blogs on the topic, users who are looking for BI consultants on LinkedIn will see that you are an expert in the field with links to your most recent blogs on SCN. Pretty powerful stuff, eh!?

The next step in the evolution of community and user profile integration is a SCN application which pulls information from LinkedIn, thereby enriching your SCN business card with your LinkedIn profile information and connections. I would love to hear from you what you feel are the most important features to include in this next application.

Scott Lawley  is a Product Manager and member of the Solution Management Office for SAP Community Network. Learn more about the app here.