You want Tweets? There’s an App for that…

November 13, 2009

As you've likely heard by now, we launched our first Twitter integration features at LinkedIn earlier this week.  For professionals who want to make Twitter part of their professional identity, you can now easily add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile, and seamlessly post LinkedIn status updates to Twitter, and vice-versa.

This launch also brings with it a brand new addition to the LinkedIn application platform: Tweets.

Tweets is an application that allows you to seamless integrate basic Twitter functionality into your LinkedIn experience.  For our users who are regular users of Twitter, Tweets provides the following:

  • Twitter client functionality, right from your LinkedIn homepage. Tweets adds a module to your homepage that allows you to easily see the most recent tweets of the people you follow on Twitter.  You can also easily reply to each tweet, or retweet it. Better still, you can even share it with your LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn Tweets from LinkedIn Profile (LinkedIn Tweets App)

  • Add your recent tweets to your LinkedIn profile. Tweets adds a module to your profile that shows your Twitter account and most recent tweets with a rich, compelling presentation.  You can easily choose to either display your most recent tweets, or only those tweets which feature the #in or #li hashtags.

LinkedIn Tweets - People You Follow

  • Easily browse the tweets of people you follow. Once you click through into the Tweets application, you can easily click on any Twitter user name, and view the most recent tweets of that user.

LinkedIn Tweets Homepage

Next week, we'll be adding Tweets to the Application directory on LinkedIn.  For the time being, if you're interested in giving Tweets a try, here is the link to the Tweets installation page.  It's also available from the "Add Application" menu on the homepage.

Tweets app in the drop down box

Tweets joins its sibling application, Company Buzz, the most popular application to date on the LinkedIn platform.  Company Buzz makes it simple for professionals to easily keep track of what people are saying about their company, products, competitors, and partners in real time by monitoring saved Twitter searches.  Together, they are a powerful set of tools for professionals to make monitoring Twitter a part of their LinkedIn routine.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding additional functionality to Tweets to make it as easy as possible for LinkedIn members to find and follow people on Twitter.  We hope you enjoy this new addition to the LinkedIn application platform.