Share the best business advice you’ve received (#in!)

November 16, 2009

Last week LinkedIn launched a significant integration with Twitter, enabling professionals to expand their personal brands to their professional networks and vice-versa. To show our users how that might work, today we're asking you: What's the best business advice you've ever received?

The best business advice I ever received seemed to be something of an oxymoron. As an entrepreneur, you're told frequently, "Be persistent! Follow your vision! Flatten obstacles!" But on the other hand, you're urged to "Learn from the market! Adapt to changing conditions! Take a different course!" Knowing when to persist and when to be flexible is more of an art than a science. So in a fluid, fast-changing world, sometimes you stick to your vision, and sometimes you adapt quickly.

Unfortunately, that's more than 140 characters! So watch the video to see how Biz and I resolve our best advice to the unique Twitter format. And tweet your best advice today with #in.

Here's how you can share the best business advice you've received on LinkedIn and Twitter

1. LinkedIn and Twitter users can participate by tweeting the best business advice they've received with the hashtag #in.
2. If you've already linked your accounts, this hashtag will automatically update your LinkedIn status, enabling you to share your wisdom with both networks simultaneously.