Yoono delivers LinkedIn network updates to its growing user base

December 3, 2009

[Ed. note: This is the first in a series of posts on different web sites and services integrating LinkedIn functionality using the recently launched LinkedIn API. Thanks to Todd Pringle, VP of Product Management at Yoono, for kicking off the series with this initial post]

Here at Yoono we've just launched the latest upgrade to our social aggregation app, Yoono 7. It has many new features but one of the things our we are most excited about is (yes, you guessed right) LinkedIn integration! Our focus has always been deep integration with the most popular social networks (and instant messaging services) rather than supporting a hundred social networks in a half-baked way. For a while now the missing link (sorry, had to pun) for us has been LinkedIn - it's consistently been the most requested social network addition from our users for over a year.

As professionals leverage their real time social stream more and more for content discovery and relationship management, LinkedIn has become a must have network for us.  Thanks to the new open LinkedIn Platform, we've been able to deliver that in an extremely short amount of time.

For developers considering the LinkedIn platform, we can say with confidence that it's been extremely easy to develop on.  Within a couple days of getting our developer key we'd completed our initial integration that enabled our users to view their LinkedIn updates stream, update their LinkedIn status, or view and search their LinkedIn contacts.

Yoono already leverages oAuth for other supported social networking services such as Twitter, MySpace, and FriendFeed so it was a big bonus with LinkedIn’s embrace of oAuth as well. We're already working on designing additional features supported by LinkedIn and most of all we're excited about the possibilities.

If you'd like to learn more about Yoono 7, check out our blog post here.  You can download our Firefox add-on today with LinkedIn support as well as new features such as support for Twitter Lists, Facebook Inbox & Notifications, multiple accounts per social network, Groups (yes, you can add LinkedIn users to a group with friends from other networks then filter your updates stream by group) and full text search of your social stream so you can see what your LinkedIn connections have to say about a particular topic. We'll also be updating our Yoono Desktop for Windows and Mac with LinkedIn support later this week, so stay tuned.

We recently passed 3 million downloads and we're confident LinkedIn integration is going to further extend our reach and provide more value for our users. Congrats to the LinkedIn team on a great start for the Platform!