Tungle.me integrates with LinkedIn to make scheduling meetings even easier

March 2, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how web sites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality using the LinkedIn API. Thanks to Marc Gingras, CEO and Founder at Tungle Corporation for his thoughts on the added value this integration brings to both Tungle and LinkedIn users.

Wouldn’t you love to know, each time you are invited to a meeting, the title, role and background of the people attending the meeting? Imagine if you had access to the power of a network of over 60 million business professionals – like LinkedIn - inside a calendaring application like Tungle.me.

Think about it... one-click access to a network of business professionals from across the globe, directly from a Tungle.me meeting invitation. Here's a quick demo. More details after the jump.

How cool is that?

Now, when you access a meeting invitation that you’ve organized or been invited to through Tungle.me, you’ll see LinkedIn icons next to each attendee with a LinkedIn profile.

These icons give you one-click access to all the pertinent business information you want prior to the meeting (in this case the participants' LinkedIn profile).

That’s pretty powerful, and that’s what comes when you combine the scheduling power of an application like Tungle.me with the world’s largest business professional network – LinkedIn.

This integration was really straight forward thanks to the thoughtful engineering of the LinkedIn team and their API.  The amount of time it took to add this capability to our services, is dwarfed by the benefit it will bring to busy professionals using Tungle.me’s easy scheduling service.

Sign up for Tungle.me here. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.