Share videos on LinkedIn using the Slideshare app

May 6, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how web sites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality using the LinkedIn API. Rashmi Sinha is co-founder and CEO for SlideShare, one of the most popular apps on LinkedIn, which lets everyone from marketers, speakers and educators share professional content with one another.

Every time I run into someone who uses the SlideShare app on LinkedIn, I ask them what they share using the app. Often I hear about slides from a talk, webinar, artist portfolio or whitepaper.

But not infrequently, I hear from someone who also wants to share the video of their talk, a screencast or a demo. They like sharing their slides and documents with their networks and want to share videos in the same way.

Starting today, we are embracing video as a new format you can share using the SlideShare app on LinkedIn. It’s the same simple method of sharing. Upload your file, and share with your network. Or browse profiles of your network to see their videos.

In a similar manner, we are also expanding to include videos on SlideShare. If you have connected your LinkedIn account with your SlideShare account, your video files will show up in both places.

Bring on all your professional videos, talks, screencasts, demos and webinars – anything you would like to share with your professional network.

Our long-term vision is to embrace any format that professionals share content in. Today, it is presentations, documents and videos; tomorrow, we may add a new format that becomes popular with professionals.

How to upload videos to LinkedIn

It’s the same method of uploading you are already familiar with.