Connect global teams, share information and work better together with Huddle and LinkedIn

May 24, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how web sites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality using the LinkedIn API. This post is from Andy McLoughlin, co founder of Huddle is one of the leading project management apps on the LinkedIn platform.

Would you like to improve the way you work and communicate with your team and other organizations at the touch of a button?

In today’s 24/7 digital world, marketing teams worldwide are often tasked with managing multiple business relationships across the globe. Not only are they expected to share information and results with the board, various internal teams, and other departments, but these teams are also faced with the challenge of sharing documents, images and plans with external PR and design agencies, partners and suppliers.

With email often struggling to cope with attachments, communicating and collaborating effectively presents marketing teams with a big problem. Saving files on a local computer or server and emailing them back and forth can result in wasted time, lost files, the wrong versions being used and attachments failing to make it over external firewalls. The customized Huddle application for LinkedIn – Huddle Workspaces – aims to solve this issue and more.

Huddle Workspaces offers private online work spaces for secure team collaboration, document sharing and discussions within the LinkedIn network. With just one click, Huddle and LinkedIn give people an opportunity to get more out of their profile and collaborate more effectively with their network of contacts. Rather than having materials for a project stored in numerous different places, everything can be stored and accessed in one place online

Using Huddle Workspaces is simple. Material can be uploaded and instantly accessed by everyone involved in a project, regardless of their location. There’s no question about which is the latest version of the document and people don’t have to waste time hunting for attachments in their Inbox. Email traffic can also be reduced as people can share opinions and talk about projects via the discussion tool.

There is also a key benefit for agencies as Huddle ensures that they can stay in constant contact with their clients and everyone has full visibility of deadlines and content. As Huddle Workspaces takes just a few seconds to set up and the potential for reducing wasted time and increasing efficiency is endless, why not give it a go?

If you're already using Huddle Workspaces and would like to expand the tools you use to include project management, online meeting facilities, wikis and media management, just one click will take you to the main app and you can get started right away!

Check out Huddle's project management LinkedIn app here