Creative Professionals can now display their portfolios on LinkedIn

July 28, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how professional web sites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality using the LinkedIn API. This post is from Scott Belsky, CEO and co-founder of one of the leading platforms that helps creative professionals display their work - Behance.

We are thrilled to introduce Creative Portfolio Display, an invaluable application for creative professionals within LinkedIn and beyond.

For too long, creative professionals in industries such as advertising, fashion, design, architecture, film, photography, and digital media have lacked tools to efficiently manage their portfolios and showcase their talent. Personal websites don't adequately broadcast your work for discovery by industry peers and top companies and neither is it tied to your professional identity on the web. Plus, keeping your work samples up to date on multiple websites is inefficient, resulting in portfolios becoming outdated and forgotten.

With LinkedIn Creative Portfolio Display application, we aim to empower creative professionals by creating a one-stop solution for maintaining their work portfolio and broadcasting it to millions.

Introducing Creative Portfolio Display

With Creative Portfolio Display, LinkedIn members can create a free, multimedia work portfolio that is displayed on their LinkedIn profiles as well as other websites and galleries around the web. This new LinkedIn application is powered by the Behance Network, the leading online platform for creative professionals.

Here are some key features:

  1. From one central portfolio, your work can be displayed within LinkedIn,, AIGA, MTV, and other networks/galleries around the web.
  2. The Behance Network is a free service, allowing you to host an unlimited number of multimedia projects that include still images, video reels, text, and/or audio samples.
  3. Creative Portfolio Display seamlessly syncs with your free account; Create a new portfolio project on, and it instantly appears on LinkedIn and our other partner platforms.

Through Behance's Creative Portfolio Display application, LinkedIn becomes a tremendous opportunity for creative talent to get found and showcase their work to millions of visitors.

If you are a creative professional on LinkedIn, we invite you to join the Behance Network and sync your portfolio with LinkedIn. If you are already a member of the Behance Network, simply install the Creative Portfolio Display application on your LinkedIn Profile.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve LinkedIn Creative Portfolio Display and other Behance Network services.

Install The Creative Portfolio Display Application on LinkedIn