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July 28, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how web sites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality using the LinkedIn API. This post is from Aviva Cuyler , founder and CEO at JD Supra. JD Supra helps legal professionals showcase their expertise by bringing their content in front of a targeted audience.

Last week saw the launch of JD Supra's Legal Updates, an InApp that brings timely legal news and commentary to everyone on LinkedIn. Legal Updates publishes a feed of legal content matched to your profession or industry, and allows you to connect directly to any lawyer whose work you've read and insights you value.

We created Legal Updates to provide a networking tool for two groups:

  1. Lawyers who understand the importance of showcasing expertise by sharing useful content online; and
  2. All professionals on LinkedIn who count on valuable business intelligence and insight (in this case, legal insight) to stay ahead in their field.

Add Legal Updates to your LinkedIn homepage

1. A custom (and customizable) feed of important legal updates:

When you add Legal Updates to your LinkedIn homepage, we automatically match the feed of articles, alerts, and other documents to your industry or profession. The feed is also entirely customizable. Follow legal topics that matter to you (real estate, insurance, IP law, tech law, tax, employment law, etc.), or follow specific sources of content (the lawyers and law firms writing and publishing this information).

Additionally, throughout Legal Updates you can click to follow a particular subject or add a lawyer or law firm to your homepage feed.

2. A browsable, searchable archive of legal information directly within LinkedIn

Legal Updates also brings a rich repository of legal updates (articles, analysis, briefs, filings, and more) directly to LinkedIn. You can browse topics covering numerous industries, or search for information on a specific issue. Leading lawyers and law firms from around the world add their legal content daily.

3. For lawyers, powerful distribution, meaningful connections

Legal Updates allows lawyers and other legal professionals to upload and share their content directly within LinkedIn. Any lawyer can include a portfolio of legal content on their LinkedIn profile, be found in the Legal Updates archive, and distribute their work to professionals in the fields they serve.

Moreover, for any lawyer who has connected their JD Supra and LinkedIn accounts, we include an “Add to Network” link in their documents. Any professional reading Legal Updates can add those lawyers whose work they admire or find influential to their LinkedIn network.

Business intelligence just got richer on you LinkedIn homepage!

Add Legal Updates now