Connecting with business contacts is just a Bump away

August 4, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how professional web sites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality using the LinkedIn API. Jake Mintz, co-founder of Bump technologies, describes how the most recent version of their mobile app now lets you connect with people with just a bump of your mobile phones.

We created the Bump app to make it easier to connect and share with people in the real world. It couldn’t be easier, just bump two phones together and they connect. Millions of people are now bumping their contact information and photos to each other.

But connecting with a new acquaintance on social networks is becoming as or more important than sharing your contact information with them. That is why we are so excited to tell you about a two big new features in Bump 2.0: bump to connect on LinkedIn and bump to find mutual connections on LinkedIn.

Bump to connect on LinkedIn

Instead of waiting until you get to your computer to invite someone to connect with you on LinkedIn you can now do it more easily in person. LinkedIn invitations can be bumped by themselves, or with your contact information.

Bump to find mutual connections on LinkedIn

Have you ever met someone and thought that you must know some of the same people, but couldn’t figure out whom? Now, with just a bump, you can see if you have any of the same connections on LinkedIn. Discovering that you do know the same people provides valuable context and richer conversation when meeting someone.

We’re incredibly excited to work with LinkedIn to bring professional networks into the real world.

Bump 2.0 for iPhone is available now for free on the iTunes App Store!