Now even more ways to customize your LinkedIn profile

October 18, 2010

Your LinkedIn Profile is an essential part of your online professional identity. Whether you're a published author, a researcher with a list of patented inventions, a job-seeker who wants to showcase your certifications and skill-sets, or a multilingual global professional, we know that you want to get the most out of your profile.

We’re constantly listening to our users and one of the most requested features has been customizable profile sections. Starting today, you will be able to customize your LinkedIn profile with five new profile sections.

Click on "Add Sections" on your Edit Profile page to see a total list of the profile sections that you can now add.

Add Sections to your LinkedIn profile

Here's a quick rundown of the five new profile sections that are now available:

1. Publications

If you are an author, academic professional, or a researcher, your body of publications helps define you as a professional.  With the Publications section, you can add your published work to your profile.

2. Languages

Do you speak multiple languages?  Now professionals with language fluency can indicate their expertise with the Languages section.

3.  Skills

List your skills, areas of expertise, and proficiencies on your profile with the Skills section.

4. Certifications

The Certifications section allows you to list the certifications, licensure, and clearances that you have attained.

5. Patents

Show off your inventions with the Patents section, which lets you list both granted and pending patents.

Our goal is to help you to look your best with a comprehensive and unique profile, and these five sections are the first of many.

Got an idea for a section you'd like to see on your profile? Let us know by posting a comment, submitting feedback on the LinkedIn site, or @LinkedIn us on Twitter.