Connecting LinkedIn users to Seesmic Desktop

October 20, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how numerous websites, products and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality through our API. This post is from John Yamasaki, Director of Community and Partnerships at Seesmic, where he talks about the recent LinkedIn integration with Seesmic Desktop 2.

Seesmic is a popular social client that allow users to easily access their social networks in one application and successfully manage their online presence. From web to mobile or email to chat, Seesmic is an easy way to manage all of your social services on any online platform.

Currently, there are a number of social networks many of us are members of. But the term "networking" was once exclusively associated in a business environment. With Seesmic Desktop 2, it’s only fitting to integrate with the world's largest professional network through our new LinkedIn plugin.

LinkedIn's integration with other social networks allows you to connect with your colleagues, create opportunities, and share professional knowledge with your contacts, broadening your connections socially and professionally.

Here's what you can achieve with the LinkedIn plugin in Seesmic Desktop 2:

  • View the Status Updates of your contacts
  • Add Comments to your friends' posts
  • Search a topic or a person on LinkedIn
  • View users' Profiles
  • Find out which are the most recent Applications and Jobs
  • Which are the latest connections your friends have made

We've over 50 plugins available, and the Linkedin plug-in is clearly one of the top plugins used on Seesmic Desktop today. If you haven't downloaded the latest version of Seesmic Desktop, you can do so here.

To learn more about the LinkedIn plugin, just visit the dedicated section of the Seesmic marketplace here.

Our LinkedIn integration doesn’t stop with the Desktop, as you can also find Linkedin available on Seesmic Web. We’re looking forward to offering LinkedIn integration with our other Seesmic products, and help people take advantage of connecting with all their networks.