Now even more moderation tools for LinkedIn Groups

October 27, 2010

I'm pleased to announce a much requested addition to our existing group moderation toolset, which we launched recently to help group managers reduce spam and maintain a high level of quality in professional group conversations. Starting today, group managers can adjust user permissions to determine an approval process  before that content is displayed. This allows group managers to weed out spam before it pollutes your groups conversation stream.

Managers now have highly granular control over the type of content requiring moderation, and they can determine the duration of a “trial period” by setting the number of days a new member has to be in the group before being able to post freely. The flexibility of this new tool will also apply to digest emails that group members have signed up to receive each week.

LinkedIn Groups Permissions and Restrictions

Group managers and moderators can screen content submissions from the new "Submissions Queue" under the group's Manage tab. From there the individual content item can be deleted, approved, or moved to Promotions or Jobs. As the manager evaluates content, the individual contributor can be removed from the group, left in their current permission level, or allowed to post freely from that moment.

As a group member, you can always see which of your group submissions are still pending by going to your Activity page for the group and clicking on "Pending Submissions". Remember that you can always get to your groups' "Activity" page from the "More" dropdown in the group's navigation bar or by clicking your own profile image in a group discussion. The usual 15-minute edit window applies to a submission, in case you need to edit what you've shared. Users can also check submissions via the convenient "View my pending comments" link located at the top of of any thread awaiting manager approval.

Again, we continue listening to your feedback and making improvements to a product we hope you find very useful. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post or @linkedin us on Twitter.