LinkedIn at Web 2.0 Summit

November 18, 2010

In the past few weeks, we’ve begun sharing relevant LinkedIn news, events and video coverage through our @linkedinnews twitter account. For those of you who want more than just a scoop, we’re also starting a blog series that will highlight recent press on LinkedIn events. This is the first of many such posts.

On Wednesday, our CEO Jeff Weiner sat down with John Battelle at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. We thought we’d share with you both the video interview along with some of the related coverage and video snippets. The interview itself is about 30 minutes long (embedded below) but it covers a wide variety of topics - from our company’s growth to Jeff’s vision for the next wave of the global economy -- the Talent Economy.


Related coverage:

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As I mentioned earlier, we plan to bring you similar coverage in a more time sensitive manner as we move forward. In the meanwhile, please follow us @linkedinnews for breaking news, tweets and related content on LinkedIn.