Find your hottest prospects with iSell's LinkedIn integration

November 18, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how numerous websites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality. This post is from Mary McCabe, VP of Global Product and Content Management at OneSource - a sales optimization tool with information on millions of companies and executives world wide.

When we created iSell, our goal was to transform sales by delivering all of the information a salesperson needs in one clean and easy-to-use application. Who is the hottest prospect?  When should I call them?  What is happening with them?  How do I reach them? With iSell, we have created a tool that answers all of these questions.

While we have received great feedback on iSell, we are always seeking to make it better. The folks at LinkedIn believe that every business application would be fundamentally better if it was built over a platform of your professional reputation and relationships.  We couldn't agree more. iSell is now the most complete integration of a trigger-based sales application with the LinkedIn API to allow its users to perform optimized prospecting and relationship networking in one step.

Here’s how it works:

  • Detailed business information from OneSource’s LiveContent Platform - which blends together content from more than 50 data suppliers and thousands of information sources - is supplemented with personalized, timely triggers based upon real-time selling opportunities.
  • OneSource connects with LinkedIn’s API to tap into LinkedIn’s membership of over 80 million users, identifying the iSell user’s common connection to a prospect via their own LinkedIn account.

  • There's no need to click through multiple pages or open widgets, it's all right there in iSell.  By opening up the LinkedIn API, LinkedIn has allowed iSell to deliver a seamless integration of all the essential phases of sales prospecting into one application.

  • The integration of iSell and LinkedIn happens throughout the application.  Whether you are viewing executive or company profile pages, you are always alerted to you closest connection in your LinkedIn network.

  • Finally, because one of the core principles of iSell is delivering timely, trigger-based information; iSell includes a contact’s LinkedIn status updates as part of your trigger feed.

To get a better look at how OneSource and LinkedIn have partnered to improve iSell, check out this quick video overview.