LinkedIn’s FT Press app helps you showcase your business reading

December 2, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how numerous websites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality. Thanks to Timothy Moore, VP and Publisher at FT Press, for sharing his thoughts on FT Press' new app that lets LinkedIn users showcase select business content on LinkedIn.

Our Linkedin application, eBookshelf by FT Press helps busy professionals find trustworthy information and answers quickly to help them do their job better and advance their career.  We’ve developed a series of over 500 shorts - essential reading for business success that covers a wide variety of networking topics.

For example:

  • Network your way to a better job
  • Advance your career
  • Discover an answer to a problem you have right now
  • Develop a better understanding on how to manage people
  • Understand the economy or investment opportunities better


Given below is a sampling of the variety and utility of the e-content inside the LinkedIn app once you install it:

  • Dealing with a Lay Off (What to Expect When You are No Longer Expected), Martha Finney
  • Establishing your Major Social Media Objectives and Key Strategies, Jamie Turner and Dr Reshma Shah
  • Writing a Business Report That Gets Read, Not Filed, Natalie Canavor and Claire Meirowitt
  • Don’t Make Them Think! (Creating the Best Flow for the Elements of any Great Presentation), Jerry Weissman
  • What I Learned from Peter Drucker, Jim Champy
  • Listen Up (Changing a Troubled Ship’s Course), Captain Michael Abrashoff
  • The Truth about Making Better Decisions, Robert Gunther

The biggest advantage of showcasing this e-content on your LinkedIn app is that you can share and recommend content that you find useful and insightful with your network of trusted contacts on Linkedin, allowing you to take a thought leadership role within your network.

We will add new content every week, curating a library of useful reading to help you succeed in business and in life. You can start off with 3 Free Credits for any content on the app and can share any article with your network.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve eBookshelf by FTPress.

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