Rypple’s newest community, now on LinkedIn Company Pages

December 3, 2010

Ed. note: Since we launched Company Pages we’ve been overwhelmed with the response from companies and small businesses. Today's post is from Daniel Debow, co-CEO of Rypple, social software that helps you stay on track, be more connected and learn faster at work.

If your company is not focused on building a community of delighted customers, it’s time to rethink your growth strategy. Social networks give customers both a voice and a platform to share what they really think of your service or product.

In this environment, we were really excited to be one of the first users on LinkedIn’s recently launched Company Pages. In recent times, knowledge workers have begun using social technologies at work for knowledge sharing both within and across peer networks. We think LinkedIn’s Company Pages is a perfect example of such a social tool that helps amplify word of mouth for companies.  It's still early days, but here's what we've found so far (after the jump).

Company Pages drive trusted word of mouth

In just a couple of weeks, we’ve had great results:

  • 10-fold increase in traffic to our Company Page
  • Tripled the number of our company’s followers on LinkedIn
  • And, close to 100 recommendations across your trusted LinkedIn network

An endorsement is much more meaningful when it comes, unprompted, from someone who has actually used the product. And, this is where social features like Company Pages are helping companies build community around their services. They’re a simple way for people with shared interests to offer relevant recommendations to their business network.

This recommendation is even more valuable on a site like LinkedIn that’s based on your professional identity. We know it means something when your endorsement includes your picture, name, title, company, written testimonial that you choose to share with your network.

We think that as the community on our LinkedIn Company Page grows, the element of serendipity will increase. When you visit the Rypple page and discover that a friend or colleague you trust has already endorsed us, your trust in the product or service is further amplified. That's a valuable and trusted form of recommendation much like the instant familiarity you feel when introduced to a new person by a friend.

Company Pages benefit business consumers

The cool thing is that this model is actually better for consumers too. By seeing who recommends a product and what they’re saying, these recommendations help business people find products that are right for them. And, they can quickly reach out and get further information from their network of connections. It’s good for small businesses and vendors like us since it forces us to design products and services that are super useful, intuitive and engaging.

These days, word of mouth marketing happens really fast, across networks, at scale. Companies that focus on customer delight to drive the positive feedback loop of endorsement will keep doing better.

Check out our Company Page and let us know what you think! Or better still add a recommendation.