Manage projects on LinkedIn with the Manymoon app

December 9, 2010

Ed. note: This belongs to a series of posts on how numerous websites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality. This is a post from Amit Kulkarni, co-founder and CEO at Manymoon - a project collaboration application.

Have you ever connected with freelancers or consultants on LinkedIn and immediately had to start working with them?

You can now do that for free with our Projects and Teamspaces application for LinkedIn. You can eliminate hundreds of emails per month by using this integration. Instead of digging around for the action items from the last meeting or which version of the document to review, just go to your LinkedIn Projects and Teamspaces to view all your work activity neatly organized.

Projects and Teamspaces was built from the ground-up for LinkedIn and your professional requirements. It provides:

  • Utility - we know your time is valuable. The app actually helps get work done with your LinkedIn connections: complete tasks, track projects and review documents
  • Security - you need full control of what you share and with whom. The application lets you see exactly what is being shared with which team members.

Here are some ways that people are using Projects and Teamspaces:

  • Sales - Projects and Teamspaces is a great way to track each opportunity in conjunction with the customer. It’s a great way to keep them engaged during the sales process and securely share quotes, meeting notes and discussions.
  • Track Candidates - as a recruiter, it’s difficult to use email to keep track of all the applicants for job openings. Instead, you can create one project for each job opening, invite the hiring manager and create a task for each candidate. Attach the appropriate resume and cover letter to each task.
  • Consulting - engage with clients and track proposals, all within LinkedIn.  Projects and Teamspaces provides 25 MB of online storage for free and you can upgrade for more.
  • Track Jobs - as a job seeker you don’t want to miss that important follow-up with companies you’re eager to join.  Just create a task for when to follow up with each company you’re interviewing with.
  • Google Apps Sharing - want to share a Google Doc with one of your LinkedIn connection?  Just do within Projects and Teamspaces and the sharing permissions will automatically be handled for you.

Here’s a video of how the Projects and Teamspaces application works:

Check out our LinkedIn app here and start managing projects on LinkedIn