Flock and Linkedin Help Users Stay Productive While Staying Connected

December 10, 2010

Ed. note. This belongs to a series of posts on how numerous websites and services are integrating LinkedIn functionality. Here's Ryan Tomaselli, Sr. Software Engineer from Flock - the social browser who recently integrated with LinkedIn, bringing in your professional network, groups and more to your browser.

Whether it’s keeping in touch with our colleagues, seeking or posting new opportunities, or forging new relationships, LinkedIn improves the way we stay connected, facilitates professional growth, and allows us to increase our online social capital. At Flock, we’re a big believer in the ability of online social to change lives.

For five years, we’ve helped our users get the most out of their social networks and we’re now 9.5 million users strong.  For many of us, online social has been life changing, but the sheer volume of this ever-growing stream of information makes it hard to keep up.  Between staying on top of our valuable LinkedIn activity, maintaining our other social network relationships, and taking in information such as RSS feeds, it’s a challenge to make sure we get the most value from our social universe.  At Flock we’ve focused on this challenge and we’re here to help.

Flock provides an effortless way to get the most out of your LinkedIn experience. With Flock and LinkedIn you can:

○   See all of your social content in one place by simply glancing at the Flock Sidebar, including LinkedIn status updates, tweets, Facebook status updates, RSS feeds, and YouTube and Flickr content.

You’ll see all of your LinkedIn connections and other social network friends’ changing status in real-time, so you’ll never be out of touch with what’s happening in your LinkedIn and broader social network.

○   You’ll be able to instantly share content that you come across on the Internet with your LinkedIn network.

○   You can group your colleagues and friends in multiple ways while still having their social media updates visible in Flock’s Sidebar.  You can also combine or group your social network contacts according to work, professional interests and clubs, social interests, alumni, or any way you choose.

○   Use Flock’s Social Search feature to see what other members in your network are saying about a topic.  When you enter a question or search query in the address bar, Flock shows you recent pages, favorite sites and feeds, and Google search results, as well as any matches from your LinkedIn connections along with status updates, tweets, and photo/video uploads.

So click here, www.flock.com and in just a few minutes you’ll have not only enhanced the way you use LinkedIn, but you’ll also have what you need to take control of your entire online social experience.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Flock!