Naughty or Nice? The New LinkedIn Polls Will Tell You.

December 16, 2010

Today we're excited to announce a major refresh of LinkedIn Polls. Since LinkedIn Polls launched two years ago, over one million professionals have used it to survey professional audiences and analyze the results.  With the new enhancements announced today, if you have an audience anywhere on the web, we think this will become your best tool to quickly and easily reach that audience and analyze the results.

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Easy to create

We’ve completely redesigned the user experience of creating a poll to make it as simple and utilitarian as possible. A couple of steps and you're off to the races.

Get out the vote

What’s the point of asking a great question if no one answers it? We’ve enhanced LinkedIn Polls to make it easy to share your poll on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Even better, for bloggers and journalists, we've provided very simple copy & paste embed functionality to a poll they may choose to ask their audience.

Detailed results for real business intelligence

Given our professional audience on LinkedIn, we know there are millions of marketers or small businesses who'd not only like to ask questions on the web, but would also like to understand the results with a detailed breakdown. How do CEOs respond to your question? Does age influence the results? Do men and women answer differently?  The new LinkedIn Polls results page provides all this information and more.

What are you waiting for?

The new LinkedIn Polls is available immediately.  Get started by voting on the poll below, or create your own poll. Your ability to engage and understand your audience just got better.

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