A revamped jobs experience in LinkedIn Groups

March 2, 2011

Millions of professionals use LinkedIn Groups to connect and share insights with like-minded professionals. With hundreds of thousands of career-related postings every month, groups are also a popular way to find and share new opportunities.

However, all that activity means it's sometimes hard to find what you're looking for. So we've made improvements to the Jobs tab in Groups that will make it much easier for group members to find and share high-quality job content.

  • Jobs: LinkedIn Jobs specifically tailored to the group. All these jobs are either shared into the group by its members, or match keywords specified by the group manager, so they're guaranteed to be relevant. Plus, you can see how you're connected, and refine your results with faceted search to find the perfect opportunity.
  • Career Discussions: This is the best place to share career opportunities and advice with other members of a group.  Organic postings from the old Groups "Jobs" tab can now be found here.


Group members can now more easily discover high-quality, relevant career opportunities within their groups.  Group managers can improve the experience for their members by setting up a daily targeted job feed.  Job posters can more easily reach the right professional audience.  It's a win for everyone.

We're excited to bring the most relevant job opportunities to professional communities in LinkedIn Groups. It's just one more way we hope to connect talent with opportunity.