Make GitHub part of your professional reputation

March 8, 2011

Today we’re excited to announce a new application that we’ve added to the LinkedIn platform: GitHub for LinkedIn.

Add GitHub for LinkedIn

GitHub is a fantastic way for developers to collaborate with one other on software projects. It hosts code for many prominent open-source projects, including LinkedIn’s own Voldemort and Kafka. With over 600,000 developers hosting over 1.8 million projects, the work hosted on GitHub is essential to developers and professionals around the world.

Software developers know that the code they’ve written is one of the most important parts of their professional identity. It shows their involvement, interest, and dedication to their work. Now developers can showcase their projects on LinkedIn - the world’s largest professional community.

After you’ve installed the application and added your GitHub account on LinkedIn , check your Profile – your GitHub projects should appear automatically. Your network will now be automatically updated whenever you create, follow, or update a GitHub project.

Discover Projects in your Network

With this new application, you can now leverage the power of your professional network to discover new and interesting projects.  Discover which of your connections are on GitHub, and follow their projects right from LinkedIn.

Even if you’re not a software developer, the new GitHub application will help you discover which of your connections are actively following and working on new software projects.

Add GitHub to your professional identity today!