LinkedIn Cribs: From Club Tron to a Yellow Submarine

April 8, 2011

What does a casino, a night at the movies, the zoo, and a yellow submarine have in common? They are all themes chosen by different teams of employees in our recent “Pimp My Row” competition held in our Mountain View office.

Employees managed to transform our new office space  – which had basic and corporate, albeit nice, décor – into a place full of energy, personality, and buzz.

So how did we do it? Each team in the company was given a starting budget to personalize their area and told there would be a prize for the best row. That got the ball rolling. But as soon as decorations started popping up, the mixture of healthy competition (everyone trying to best their neighbors) and incredibly creative and talented participants led to 62 fully immersive experiences spread across 7 floors in our 4-building campus.

Some of the highlights from the event:

  • Our IT department’s Club Tron, which took first prize by a landslide and amazed everyone with an entire wing of the building transformed into a nightclub complete with dance-offs, a full bar, and black lights.
  • A carnival where you could “dunk” a replica of your colleagues, for a balloon animal prize
  • A crime scene where the payroll and accounts payable departments had been robbed (luckily this didn’t really happen!)
  • An Arabian Nights themed row with rich red fabric and hookah lounge décor
  • A Journey Around the World put on by the International Team with authentic dress and ethnic food from more than 10 locations around the world.

We topped it all off with an open house where the entire campus could check out each row’s decorations and themed refreshments on a Friday evening. It was a great opportunity to explore our colleagues’ new digs especially since we’ve been moving around a lot as we expand our campus in Mountain View.

Oh, and we plan on IT’s Club Tron coming to life for future company parties. I hear they are already thinking of building a glow-in-the-dark dance floor.