Introducing Idea Flight -- A New iPad Meeting App

June 3, 2011

This belongs to a series of posts on how different services on multiple platforms, like Idea Flight on the iPad, are integrating LinkedIn functionality. Here’s Juliana Stock, Sr. Director Marketing and Product Development, Conde Nast, on the recent integration of LinkedIn’s APIs into their new iPad app. – Ed.

Idea Flight is a new tool to share ideas, presentations and documents more easily from one iPad to many. It also takes professional networking to the next level with an intuitive LinkedIn integration. With Idea Flight, meeting attendees can connect on LinkedIn directly in a meeting without ever leaving the presentation.

Go check out the Idea Flight app for your iPad!

Idea Flight enables one person (the Pilot) to control the screens of multiple iPads (the Passengers). It’s a great way to direct the experience of an audience in a whole new way.  All you need is the app, a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and a LinkedIn account to change the dynamics of everyday meetings.

Idea Flight from Idea Flight on Vimeo.

Idea Flight was developed by a small team of new media professionals within Conde Nast who were facing a need that they saw becoming more common. iPads are amazing for presenting material - designs look gorgeous and you can see every detail of charts and graphs. Plus, there’s no need to mess with cables/connections or waste reams of paper.  The missing piece was the ability to control the experience and build your professional network.

LinkedIn offers an integrated way to network in-person so never again will you need to worry about not having enough business cards or forgetting the names of meeting attendees. Ascribing to the old adage, “find a need, fill a need,” Idea Flight was born. Idea Flight really is about changing the dynamics of everyday meetings and allowing frictionless networking.  Our partnership with LinkedIn enables Idea Flight to take meetings to the next dimension and here’s more details on how…

How Idea Flight works on your iPad:

  • Idea Flight enables one person (the Pilot) to control up to 15 users’ (the Passengers) 
iPad screens wirelessly during a presentation, requiring only a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth and a PDF of the content.
  • Through Linkedin, Idea Flight enables Pilots and Passengers to see the names, photos, and titles of attendees who are signed in using an easy to access Passenger List.
  • Pilots and Passengers can also send invitations to each other to “connect” on LinkedIn for follow-up networking.
  • Pilots can access files using Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing, or email.
  • Pilots can choose to leave a virtual leave-behind by emailing Passengers the presentation or allowing them to download it to their iPads.
  • Idea Flight is a free app to download. Anyone with access to an iPad and a wireless connection can be a Passenger by simply installing the app from the Apple App Store.
  • Though perfect for business and design professionals, Idea Flight can also be used in other ways, from sharing family vacation photos, to augmenting school lessons and story time, or as an enhancement to a museum tour. We'd love to hear how YOU are using Idea Flight.

Additionally, is the place where users can sign up for email alerts, access customer service, ask questions, troubleshoot and give feedback.

Check the Idea Flight blog for more updates and see how it works.