Introducing Idea Flight -- A New iPad Meeting App

June 3, 2011

This belongs to a series of posts on how different services on multiple platforms, like Idea Flight on the iPad, are integrating LinkedIn functionality. Here’s Juliana Stock, Sr. Director Marketing and Product Development, Conde Nast, on the recent integration of LinkedIn’s APIs into their new iPad app. – Ed.

Idea Flight is a new tool to share ideas, presentations and documents more easily from one iPad to many. It also takes professional networking to the next level with an intuitive LinkedIn integration. With Idea Flight, meeting attendees can connect on LinkedIn directly in a meeting without ever leaving the presentation.

Go check out the Idea Flight app for your iPad!

Idea Flight enables one person (the Pilot) to control the screens of multiple iPads (the Passengers). It’s a great way to direct the experience of an audience in a whole new way.  All you need is the app, a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and a LinkedIn account to change the dynamics of everyday meetings.