Introducing LinkedIn’s new Engineering Blog

June 14, 2011

Ed. One of the primary goals of the LinkedIn blog is to bring you the stories and people behind the LinkedIn products you love. Sometimes, separate categories of posts are popular enough that they get their own spin-off blog - thus the Engineering blog.

Here’s Avery Moon, Director of Engineering, on the launch of our new engineering blog.

LinkedIn is the largest gathering of professionals in the world. Behind the platform and technology powering this network of over 100 million professionals, are 400 of the most innovative and passionate engineers.

Check out the LinkedIn Engineering Blog

Today we launch our engineering blog to give you insight into the people, projects, data, hackdays, events, and technologies that power LinkedIn. In short, we’d like to share with you, how we scale professional insights to millions of members.

You will meet diverse folks whose previous work include everything from neurosurgery to mathematics. We will dive into the projects that drive LinkedIn, from scaling the site to continuing to grow worldwide membership. We will explore the data and algorithms underlying People You May Know (PYMK) and other data-driven products.

We will share live code, from JavaScript in the browser to offline Hadoop jobs. You will be connected to winning hackday projects ranging from InMaps to Connection Timeline. We will discuss events we hope you attend, from LinkedIn Tech Talks to meetups (if you are a JRuby fan, see Baq's blog post). In short, we’d like to share with you the latest on technology that we’re evolving in-house to meet the needs of over 100 million professionals.

All of this content in one dedicated site.

Few companies offer the ability to help create economic opportunity and deliver transformative impact on the world, the company, and your career. We are proud to be members of the engineering team that drives the technology making this happen.

Share your feedback on our new engineering channel here - @linkedineng