Breaking News: LinkedIn Today Comes To Android!

June 20, 2011

In March, we launched a new product called LinkedIn Today on our website and in our iPhone app. LinkedIn Today delivers the day’s top news, tailored for you based on what your connections and industry peers are reading and sharing.

The Mobile team is excited to announce that we’ve brought LinkedIn Today to our Android app, available immediately from the Google Marketplace or from our website:

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To stay in touch with the team, learn about updates, and let us know what features and ideas you have, please join our LinkedIn group:

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News for You

LinkedIn Today is unique because it gives you three social views of professional news that don’t exist together in one place anywhere else on the web. We can deliver news that matters to your connections, your industry peers, and the wider professional community on LinkedIn.

To stay up-to-date with what’s being shared and talked about in real-time, you can access LinkedIn Today from the home screen of our Android app. It’s called News, and it’s your gateway to becoming more knowledgeable about what people in your industry are thinking about and sharing on LinkedIn:

Top News across LinkedIn

When you first launch News, we show you the top stories trending across LinkedIn, being shared by your connections and other professionals working in your industry or other industries like yours:

You can tap on any article to see a short summary, and tap to read the full article directly from the source. You can also share any articles or send them directly to one of your connections if it’s something you know other people in your professional network would be interested in:

Browse & Discover More News

In addition to seeing the top news trending on LinkedIn, you can also access the list of news categories you’re following and discover recommended categories by tapping on the “Read news by category” section at the top of the page. From here, you can pick any category to see the news stories trending in the category, and choose to follow (or unfollow) new or existing categories. By choosing other categories to follow, you’ll get more relevant news targeted to what you care about most professionally.

What’s Next

The Mobile team is working on some major updates to our Android app, and working through the features the community has requested. You can stay in touch with us through our group:

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Get the new LinkedIn for Android app now:

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