Welcoming LinkedIn's Executive Editor

June 22, 2011

We believe there are three distinct dimensions to delivering relevant information and knowledge to our members. The first is through content optimization or the use of algorithms that help surface relevant news and information to the right member at the right time. The second involves leveraging social connections, which for us means sharing and exchanging information with a trusted network of professionals. The third component is editorial curation, i.e. manually surfacing the most compelling content to our members.

At LinkedIn, we have already demonstrated the ability to leverage machine learning and our professional graph with the launch of LinkedIn Today, a product that is designed to help professionals stay informed and use that information to make smarter business decisions every day. Our most important contributors to the success of this product are LinkedIn's more than 100 million members. LinkedIn Today is based on what they share, recommend and say; the voice of the world's professionals is something that only LinkedIn can offer.

We're focused on making products like LinkedIn Today as useful, insightful, and informative as it can be. By adding the third dimension of curation, we’ll be able to do an even more effective job of aggregating and delivering relevant content to our members. As such, we are thrilled to welcome Dan Roth as executive editor of our content and community offerings.

Dan brings an extraordinary mix of solid product skills, coupled with editorial and digital expertise. His strong experience will bring a new set of skills to the table and another perspective to LinkedIn Today's continued evolution. We look forward to Dan joining the team next month and leveraging his past experience to help make our members be great at what they do.