Discovering People Through Content, and Content Through People

June 22, 2011

This belongs to a series of posts  on how websites like Slideshare are integrating LinkedIn functionality on their site. Here’s Ross Mayfield, VP of Business Development at Slideshare  on  the integration of LinkedIn’s APIs on Slideshare and vice-versa. – Ed.

Starting today, we’re launching a new integration with SlideShare and LinkedIn that will make it easier for you to share, discover, and engage with professional content on both networks.

Below are the three new features you’ll notice:

1. Share SlideShare presentations, documents, and videos on LinkedIn

We’ve added the LinkedIn Share button to all SlideShare presentations, documents, and videos, so you can share content with your professional network with one click. Content that’s been shared is then visible to your connections in the LinkedIn Update Stream and across the LinkedIn site, including LinkedIn Signal, which lets you use your professional network as a dynamic filter for shared content.

2. SlideShare in LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn Today provides personalized news from your connections and industry peers. SlideShare content that is actively shared on LinkedIn can now be found on the Today page. SlideShare is the first source of content in LinkedIn Today that isn’t from a publisher, but from a community. With SlideShare, LinkedIn Today is even more personalized and social.

We’ve also added a “Hot on LinkedIn” section to the SlideShare homepage to help people find the most shared SlideShare content.

3. Engage with SlideShare content on LinkedIn

Starting today, when a connection shares SlideShare content in the Update Stream, you can immediately view and engage with that content by clicking on a link or thumbnail -- all without having to leave the LinkedIn site.

Chocolate peanut butter for professionals

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Web, helping millions of people every day be more productive and successful. SlideShare is the largest professional sharing site on the Web, enabling millions of professionals to showcase their insights and expertise via publicly shared presentations.

We’ve been taking advantage of the complementary nature of our services for a while now, beginning with the launch of the SlideShare app on the LinkedIn platform in 2008. We’ve been building on that app over the years, adding things like the ability to share video on LinkedIn (in addition to presentations and documents) and, more recently, making it possible to add entire galleries of content to your profile.

When the world’s largest professional network and the world’s largest professional sharing community come together, great things happen. We’re excited to be deepening our integration with LinkedIn, and will continue to work together to help you discover people through content, and content through people.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on both @linkedin and @slideshare or leave a comment.