SpeechIn: Hear today’s headlines read out to you on the go

June 29, 2011

Another month, another Hackday winner! This month we’d like to feature a Hackday product –LinkedIn SpeechIn – that reads out your day’s headlines from LinkedIn Today. Check out other Hackday winners here. – Ed.

Here's something we’re launching today that will make every professional’s work day better. Imagine if you could have your LinkedIn Today news read out to you on your phone while you’re on the go, such as when you’re driving to your office in the morning.

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That's what I built for Hackday in May. I dubbed it SpeechIn and it plays your LinkedIn Today headlines leveraging Bing’s Text-To-Speech (TTS). SpeechIn works best on the iPhone, and also works on the latest desktop versions of Safari and Chrome.

The goal is to provide a useful and pleasant mobile experience and other browsers and devices have different gaps with their support of HTML5. Thanks to Albert Wang for the awesome design support!

Currently, SpeechIn reads out your headlines according to your industry. It updates at least every hour so tune in to get your LinkedIn Today! I'm interested to hear your real-world experiences with SpeechIn here. I had a great time building SpeechIn and I’m excited to share this with you!

We’ve added SpeechIn to LinkedIn Labs, where you can find many of our other innovative Hackday winners.

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