The Power of LinkedIn Everywhere: Apply with LinkedIn

July 24, 2011

Starting today, we’re taking our vision of the professional web to the next level by helping our members utilize the power of their LinkedIn membership when they need it most -- when applying for a job.  It’s my great pleasure to announce the launch of our newest professional web plug-in: Apply with LinkedIn.

Check out Apply with LinkedIn Now!

Our goal with Apply with LinkedIn is to help every professional put their best foot forward, anywhere across the web, when they take that leap to apply for a new position, a dream job.

We are going to make it easy for you to submit your profile for any job application on the web with one simple click.  Some of the first companies to debut “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their company websites (besides our own) include Netflix, TripIt, Photobucket and over a thousand other companies. In addition, we’re also working closely with the top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help them and their customers match the best candidates for the right jobs.