Video: Life at LinkedIn Europe

October 5, 2011

In 2009, I was contacted by a LinkedIn executive who needed some help scaling operations in Europe. Why did he contact me? Well, he’d found my LinkedIn profile and it all started from there. Since then, it’s been an incredible non-stop journey of growth and inspiration. So in 2011, I decided to capture it all by documenting my experiences in a video blog.

My role at LinkedIn is to assist our corporate customers achieve success with social recruiting on LinkedIn. Our team is helping them attract talent from the LinkedIn professional network and branding their organization as an employer of choice in new and innovative ways.

What inspires me about working at LinkedIn? Being surrounded by world-class talent; the can-do attitude and the culture of the team; and the way we are transforming ourselves --  our own company, our customers, our own careers -- that in turn is transforming the way professionals do business. In fact, things have moved so fast in my own career; I started off as a Relationship Manager and now manage the whole team, which is exciting and thought-provoking – I am learning tons about leadership, and the team just keeps growing and growing.

My video blog is all amateur footage shot by me on my small digital camera, documenting real life at LinkedIn in Europe and beyond. I hope this short highlight reel of my video blog inspires you to believe what I do…. that “anything is possible”.