LinkedIn Classmates: Explore possibilities by connecting with fellow alumni

October 19, 2011

Please note: We've updated the name of this new feature to LinkedIn Alumni to more accurately represent the importance of exchanging insights with your alumni network - Ed. 

What’s the most valuable outcome of your college years?  If you think it’s your degree, you’re only partially right.  Beyond the knowledge you gained in school, your alumni network is one of the most important benefits you earned.  In the years since college, your classmates have become experienced professionals, industry experts, potential clients and trusted colleagues - in short, people who can help you expand your horizons.

It makes sense to stay connected to your fellow alumni.  Not only do you share great memories, but you can also help one another throughout your lives.  Since you have your school in common, you have a natural connection.

Because we understand the power of alumni networks, we are delighted to unveil LinkedIn Classmates – a tool for insights and networking for alumni of colleges and universities around the world.

LinkedIn Classmates provides high-level insights about alumni of your school, as well as access to the more detailed professional profiles they’ve shared.  It can help you...

  • Explore Possibilities:  See what alumni in your field have accomplished since graduation – and expand your sense of what’s possible for you
  • Make Connections:  Reconnect with old friends, and reach out to alumni in your field for their industry expertise and career opportunities
  • Find Opportunities:  From mentoring to jobs, your fellow alumni often are ready to help

Explore alumni career trends

Where do they work?  Where do they live?  What are they doing now?  Our interactive graphs give you insights about your school’s alumni as a whole.  Try clicking the bars to drill down to people from specific companies, locations and job functions.

Find out what you have in common now

In addition to our interactive graphs, you can also see profile summaries of specific people - including the connections and groups you share in common - and invite them to connect, or send them messages.

Connect with alumni from all your schools

The schools you listed on your profile are automatically available for you to explore.  If you have more than one school listed, select a different school from the drop-down window.

See the bigger picture across the years

We automatically set the dates to show people who were on campus during the years you attended school.  To check out alumni from other years, try changing the dates.

Or switch to the graduation year view and see members of each graduating class.

 Since some members prefer not to list the dates they attended school on their profiles, we provide a toggle that lets you include alumni without dates in your results.

Join the ongoing conversation

Finally, be sure to join one or more of your school’s alumni groups on LinkedIn.  There are thousands of vibrant groups exclusively available to alumni and students of colleges and universities worldwide.  Members engage in active conversations, share great opportunities and keep you informed of educational, networking and social events for alumni.

Expand your horizons, and help others expand that of your friends'

In addition to reconnecting with former friends and classmates, your alumni network can help you advance in your job, change your career, or relocate anywhere around the world.  And it’s a great resource for recruiting and getting an insider’s perspective on industries and organizations.  Of course, beyond the benefits people receive, many find helping fellow alumni and current students deeply rewarding.