Veterans Hackday Apps, Now on LinkedIn Labs

December 16, 2011

At LinkedIn, we have Hackdays once per month, where we encourage employees to form teams, work on anything they can dream of, present their hacks to the company, and compete for prizes. We make some of these hacks publicly available by putting them up on our experimental site, LinkedIn Labs.

Today, I'm happy to announce 4 new additions to LinkedIn Labs from Veterans Hackday:

1. Veterans


Reconnect with military veterans on LinkedIn. Find insights such as where they work, what types of jobs they have, and where they live.


Military Occupation Classification Hack for Advancement: an online tool that allows veterans to search for job postings on LinkedIn using their military credentials. Also lists relevant civilian skills derived from these credentials to help map military experience to civilian jobs.

3. AidPatrol

Homeless shelters and VA programs spend money employing teams of individuals to drive around (especially in the winter) to look for homeless individuals. The Aid Patrol app intends to support those efforts by asking the average citizen to simply hit a button on the app when they see a homeless individual. Involving citizens to help directing these efforts more efficiently. This hack consists of two pieces, an iPhone app, and a website where local veteran organizations can see the aggregated information the users submitted through their phones and direct their help more efficiently. The iPhone app should be available in the App Store in January.

4. HeroConnect


HeroConnect aims to connect Veterans to other Veterans in companies and locations they are interested in. Veterans can search for companies using a location and an industry. HeroConnect ranks the companies by their "Veterans Friendlyness" score! It lets you browse all the Veterans currently working at this company and connect with them.

Thank you!

We want to offer a huge thank you to all the hackers that participated: make sure to check out all the great hacks on the Veterans Hackday project gallery. Give these apps a shot, send us feedback, and if you like them, please help us get these apps in front of as many veterans as possible.