LinkedIn's Year 2011 in Pictures and Posts

December 23, 2011

What a year! We thought a perfect way to wrap-up the year would be to take a look at this year's most popular blog posts, shining a spotlight on many of our key LinkedIn moments this year. As you skim through the most popular LinkedIn pictures and posts this year, you get an overview of some of our key milestones - product, cultural and more.

2011's Top 10 LinkedIn Blog Posts

  1. Visualize your LinkedIn Network with InMaps by Ali Imam
  2. 100 Million Members and counting... by Jeff Weiner
  3. Top CEO Names across the Globe: Bad, Bland or Brand? by Monica Rogati
  4. The New LinkedIn Platform: Help Build the Professional Web by Adam Nash
  5. Introducing LinkedIn Skills by Peter Skomoroch
  6. LinkedIn Student Job Portal: Helping Recent Graduates Find Jobs by Christina Allen
  7. Introducing LinkedIn Today by Liz Reaves Walker
  8. The Power of LinkedIn Everywhere: Apply with LinkedIn by Jonathan Seitel
  9. Privacy, Advertising and Putting Members First by Ryan Roslansky
  10. LinkedIn Files Registration for IPO by Steve Sordello
We are working on further improvements to our blog to bring you content that all professionals will find valuable. See you all in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!