January InDay: Health, Wellness and Resolutions Across the World

January 20, 2012

Come every new year, getting back in shape is often on our minds. To help with our new year's resolutions, the first InDay of 2012 was focused on Health and Wellness. Last year Mountain View set the bar on January InDay for health and wellness, but this year the rest of the world showed Mountain View how it is done. Around the world, our offices hosted a wide range of health and wellness activities from yoga classes to Quad biking.

Here are a few highlights from the day:

  1. In Mountain View we held, the third edition of the LinkedIn Olympics. The Olympic events consisted of: Medicine Ball Squat and Press, Burpee Challenge, Running the Base Path, 3-legged Bosu Relay Race, Basketball Layup Drill, and mini-tricycle race. The day closed with DJs spinning tunes and the people enjoying refreshments at our Olympic Awards happy hour ceremony. Anxiously awaiting the final results of the Olympics, the crowd was hushed and the Gold Medal team (Justin Geller, David Oda, Gregory Miller, Alex Reznikow, Robert Perez and Trevor Mertens) of Super Mario, Not Little Red Riding Hood was announced to a raucous ovation as "We Are The Champions" blasted over the crowd.
  2. India offices Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore hosted yoga sessions and screenings of a English / Hindi documentary based on the environment inside the office. The Delhi office brought out their adventurous side and participated in Adventure Camp Sohna which included stress buster activities such as Quad-biking  Rapelling and Paintball.
  3. Chris Brown from the London office summarizes his experience, "After a summer of softball as the LinkedIn Legends, the London office decided to let off steam in on the basketball court. With players fielded by the hiring solutions team, IT, facilities and ad operations, it turned into an extremely competitive yet friendly match, and despite a foul or two, MVP (most valued player) was awarded to Jessica Smith for a hat-trick. It was so much fun, the London folks decided to make it a regular fixture for the rest of the winter. Final Score: LinkedIn Whitesox 10-6 LinkedIn Bluesox.
  4. Tokyo exercised their vocals and got a workout through bowling and karaoke while the Singapore office mentally and physically exercised through their Tai Chi session.
  5. Chicago's dodgeball game showed some fierce competition. According to Mike Dudgeon, Everyone was surprised to see all the red faces and tired looks that an intense game of dodgeball can bring. Team In beat team Day by 3 points.
  6. New York's employees had the opportunity mentor 11th graders in the Step Up Pathways to Professions program. The session gave the girls an opportunity to explore their unique skills and provide them with the confidence they need to communicate this information during college, internships and career opportunities. One of the mentees said, "I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for inviting us to your company. The profile we created for ourselves, the speakers and the tour of the office was amazing. The activity of making our own profile was fun because we got to think about who we are and what our skills are. I don't always take time to think about these things."

All around the world, employees engaged with each other and enjoyed taking time away from their desks while getting healthy mentally and physically!