Earth Week: What will you do to help our Earth?

May 2, 2012

Once a month, we set aside a Friday for employees to focus on investing in themselves and their community. It’s a day to spend time outside their daily task list and transform. Check out other InDay posts here. -Ed.

April’s InDay was themed around Earth Day. The Health and Safety Team signed on to spearhead the day’s events. Then one idea led to another and the one day celebration manifested itself into Earth Week!

Around the world activities included Toronto’s garbage clean up, EMEA’s photo contest, Chicago’s “Calling for Causes” to bring awareness for Goldie’s Place, and San Francisco’s planting day at The Presidio Native Plant Nursery.

We hosted a wide range of activities throughout our Mountain View campus including a Ride and Drive event featuring eco friendly vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt, Volkswagon Golf TDI, and Nissan Leaf. Our Green Market event was a collaboration of 15 local environmentally conscious companies offering their knowledge and services to our employees. Last but not least, an electronic recycling event where we collected 2 pallets of mixed electronics partnering with IT Renew.

Check out pictures taken at our offices on Earth Day across the globe

The final day of the week, InDay, was the most exciting with Earth Day focused volunteer opportunities in the community. Groups of employees helped the City of Mountain View clean a Burrowing Owl Mitigation area and assisted students in the planting of vegetables and flowers in their middle school garden. Our own Kim Kochaver, compost expert, hosted a LinkedIn Instructables workshop where employees brought in used products and turned them into a functional new products. Some examples included new uses for old jars, recycled t-shirts turned into more fashionable pieces, an indoor worm composter, and much more.

Overall I would have to say LinkedIn's Earth Week and April inDay was a huge success. Everyone had a great time and walked away thinking about ways they themselves can make a difference and be more responsible when it comes to our planet.