LinkedIn For Good Pro Bono inDay Around the World

May 23, 2012

Once a month, we set aside a Friday for employees to focus on investing in themselves and their community. It’s a day to spend time outside their daily task list and transform. Check out other InDay posts here. - Ed.

May inDay was the LinkedIn For Good (LIFG) Foundation’s first Pro Bono inDay, a day focused on empowering employees to use their skills and talents to give back. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to scale our volunteer trainings globally.

We have always been encouraged to volunteer at different organizations during our InDays and these experiences inspired my colleague Ariana Younai and I to take this May inDay to the next level by organizing an event around non-profits. Along with the support of our coworkers, we created a series of trainings to help jobseekers leverage LinkedIn to manage their careers, recruited our colleagues to volunteer, and worked with a few local nonprofits to conduct the trainings at their offices.

On May 18th, employees hosted four “Connect You: LinkedIn for Good Foundation Workshops” in offices around the globe. Teams and individuals worked with nonprofit staff and their clients to train them on how to leverage LinkedIn to find job opportunities, manage their careers, search for those who are hiring, and position themselves as best they can for today’s job market.  Our goal is to scale this effort by reaching the nonprofits who work with job seekers and then they are empowered to teach the lessons.

LinkedIn employees worldwide were extremely enthusiastic about getting involved. Dublin, London, and New York held successful Connect You workshops in their offices. Toronto, Chicago, Omaha, Australia and Japan are planning to organize sessions in the coming months.

In our Mountain View headquarters, we hosted over 75 attendees from 14 organizations such as Upwardly GlobalJVS and Goodwill of Silicon Valley. The attendees learned and experienced LinkedIn’s culture firsthand through an interactive introduction from CEO, Jeff Weiner and a wrap-up from Head of Social Impact Meg Garlinghouse. Our guests found the workshop impactful and especially enjoyed all the 1:1 conversations with LinkedIn employees. Many plan on sharing their new knowledge with other members and organizations in the community.

We are humbled and inspired by all our colleagues who volunteered and helped bring this vision to life. It was amazing to see so many excited LinkedIn employees using their skills for good and are looking forward to future LIFG Foundation Pro Bono inDays and opportunities to continue making an impact in our communities.

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