Connecting 15 Million Professionals in India

May 30, 2012

Today, I am happy to announce that LinkedIn India has grown to over 15 million members. In the short period since starting our operations here, our member base has grown by 300 percent.

From this growth we know that a large number of professionals are coming to LinkedIn because they want to further their careers and establish an online profile of record. This also motivates us immensely in our quest to make LinkedIn even more relevant for professionals so that our members continue to see value in our offerings and benefit from the platform.


Every time LinkedIn reaches a new milestone in India, I am reminded of what an exciting journey it's been so far and how much more we have left to achieve. These achievements happened because of the value and relevance professionals in India find in LinkedIn.

Our growth hasn’t been in terms of just member numbers alone. India is now the 2nd largest market for LinkedIn after the US. Over the last three years, we have also scaled up operations significantly. In addition to our Mumbai headquarters and two other offices, we have also launched a Technology Centre in Bengaluru, our first such facility outside of Mountain View, California. LinkedIn’s member base in India encompasses professionals and students at different stages in their career. It is individuals like these who are utilizing the various tools that help them engage with other professionals, gain insights and in turn grow their businesses or chart out their career path. The success stories of some of our members, have been outstanding. From acquiring overseas business to securing that dream job, Indian professionals from various industries have leveraged LinkedIn to further their career.

As online professional networking becomes an everyday part in the lives of Indian professionals, we continue to strive towards helping them become more productive and successful. We now have a host of simplified mobile offerings for the professional who is always on the move. With applications for the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Android, reaching out and connecting with a potential career partner is just a click away.

As we continue on our journey to spur India's talent economy and evolve into a powerful tool in the 'career progression arsenal' of every professional, our focus will continue to remain on our members. I’d like to personally thank every member for their continued support and appreciate the many ways in which you are making LinkedIn a part of your professional life.