Enabling More Relevant Conversations between Companies and Followers

June 19, 2012

We are excited to share that Targeted Status Updates, a feature that increases the relevance of conversations between companies and LinkedIn members, is now open to the 2 million companies who have LinkedIn Company Pages.

Launched in April with a few of our customers, Targeted Status Updates aims to make it easier for members to receive relevant information from companies they follow. In turn, companies can now communicate with their followers in a very personalized way and provide content tailored to specific audiences.

So, why follow companies? We did a study recently where we found that 67% of our members follow a company to gain industry insights, 61% for company news, while 49% are attracted by the peer community.

Getting company status updates will allow you to accomplish this, and now with our pool of 2 million companies it opens up endless possibilities. When following a company, you benefit from receiving engaging insights like company news, industry trends and job opportunities in your daily news feed. The more you engage with a company, the more you’ll find relevant content to help you meet your professional goals.


What’s new for companies:

Only a small number of our existing customers have had a chance to try these Targeted Status Updates until now, and they are seeing positive results. Philips for example saw a 106% increase in engagement by followers after running Targeted Status Updates in their daily communications with members.

We’ve also made it easier for company page administrators to track the effectiveness of their efforts with the release of our powerful new follower insights page. Now more than ever, company page administrators can quickly understand the demographics, growth, and engagement of their company followers.

Track your effectiveness more efficiently:

Check out our blog here about Tips and Tricks on how to optimize your company status updates. We are really delighted to help facilitate these conversations.