Introducing our College Pilot Program

July 26, 2012

You may have heard that students are the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn. There are currently 20 million students and recent graduates from around the world on LinkedIn today, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to help these aspiring professionals manage and build their career paths.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help students and alumni fulfill their career goals, we’ve been working closely with select higher education institutions to better understand the needs of students and alumni as they start and continue thinking about building their professional identities. The College Pilot Program also aims to provide participating schools with various tools and access to LinkedIn’s products, which will help their alumni and career services teams to better support students and alumni with career development and to help the schools build stronger alumni networks.

Currently we have partnered with a group of leading academic institutions, including: Michigan State University, UC San Diego, University of Rochester, the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, Hult International Business School, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Syracuse University.

We are thrilled to be teaming up with such esteemed schools that are also focused on creating better ways to help students and alumni achieve their career goals. We believe LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to provide students and alumni with a better picture of what career paths are possible. Whether that’s using our alumni product to see where graduated students have ended up or starting to build a professional network they can grow and tap for advice as they move through their career, LinkedIn is the place to do this as we are the largest professional network.

The College Pilot Program is a closed group at this time. However, we are always eager to hear from alumni, students, faculty or staff about ways LinkedIn can work with their schools. Schools who are interested in getting more information from Linkedin or for other partnership opportunities can email