LinkedIn Platform Further Enables Professional Content Sharing

August 7, 2012

LinkedIn strives to work where our members work. This means that we want to enable our members to use their LinkedIn identity wherever they may be online. We also want our members to have the ability to tap their professional network to discuss and share what matters most to them whether they’re on or off Over the past year, we’ve been working closely with more than 75k developers to make this possible for our members, by helping developers leverage LinkedIn’s rich technology to build unique and innovative tools for professionals across the Web.

Today, we’d like to share some updates we’ve made to the LinkedIn Developer Platform to continue fostering creative innovations using LinkedIn’s technology. With over 1 million publisher sites already enabling the ability to share content to LinkedIn, we're now making it even easier for our developer community to use LinkedIn as their main distribution platform for discussing and sharing professional content. Everyday, professionals are coming to LinkedIn to share and discuss what matters most to them and we’re seeing all-time highs of shares originating on LinkedIn.

Some of the new changes include:

  • Updated Sign in with LinkedIn Experience: Our offsite Sign in flow features a fresh new design, and developers will now have the ability to request email addresses and specify permissions from users who want to use their LinkedIn credentials to sign in and register for applications.

  • Updated Share API: Our share API will now offer qualified developers attribution on LinkedIn’s update stream when their users share content to their LinkedIn network, which will link back to the developer’s site. Members will start to see the new attribution feature in their update stream over the next few weeks

  • Simplified developer website: We are unveiling a cleaner, easier to navigate website that provides quicker access to our developer tools and paths for working with LinkedIn.

Over the past few months, we’ve also been collaborating with a few select developer partners to launch the new functionality and features of the LinkedIn Developer Platform, including:, Business Insider, Livefyre, Behance, Janrain and Economist, Evernote, and Flipboard.

We're excited to see what our developer community has in store and we look forward to the many creative ways our members will be able to leverage their LinkedIn identity and network from wherever they work.