Announcing LinkedIn in Danish

September 24, 2012

Editor's Note: This blog post is also available in Danish, naturally.

When I joined LinkedIn 14 months ago and set out to build an organisation in the Nordics, the LinkedIn platform was available in eight languages. Since then, we Danes have taken LinkedIn to heart so much that we have one of the highest engagement rates globally.

I’m proud to announce the natural next step: launching LinkedIn in Danish! This will enable Danish professionals to use LinkedIn to find opportunities and become more productive and successful. Danish professionals can now sign up for LinkedIn in Danish.

From a personal perspective, it is exciting to see how many of our members are engaging with LinkedIn by sharing content, connecting with their colleagues, and creating professional profiles online. LinkedIn enables them to become better at what they do, and extend their professional network across the globe.

Danes are internet savvy and great at networking, so it is no surprise that we see IT and Technology as the biggest Danish industries on LinkedIn. With government administration coming in as the third most represented industry, this highlights the great diversity of Danish professionals embracing LinkedIn. LinkedIn is for everyone! For more fast facts, see our press release.

Already today there are thousands of Danish groups on LinkedIn, and it is a pleasure to see how LinkedIn is transforming the way we communicate, sell, recruit, read news, and interact professionally through social media. Recently, Danish consultancy company Ballisager published a report showing that LinkedIn influences 10% of all new hires, up from 3% in 2011. I am convinced that we have only seen the beginning of this shift.

I’m inspired to be part of a company that is transforming the world by creating opportunity for professionals, and look forward to growing the LinkedIn experience and engagement in Denmark in the years to come.