Rotate[In] in Dublin

September 26, 2012

Transformation is one of LinkedIn’s key cultural values. This does not just refer to how we are creating economic opportunity for professionals worldwide, but also how we develop our own employees and help them become better professionals. LinkedIn’s Rotate[In] programme is a pilot initiative currently running in Dublin, Ireland that aims to do just that. Similar to The Great LinkedIn Job Swap, this programme involved some of our employees swapping roles, departments and desks to gain invaluable and in-depth experience of the organisations that are driving our business. A brainchild of the Dublin leadership team, this eight month rotation programme began in March this year and has already been a huge success, providing the three chosen pilot participants with a whirlwind experience of education and career development. They’re now six months in, and here are some highlights from each of them.

Christen, Ross, Gary in the LinkedIn Dublin office

Gary O’Reilly in Finance:
Before Rotate[In], I admit that I thought of Sales and Customer Operations to be completely different entities to each other, and to Finance. I saw little correlation and even fewer similarities. Even during the early stages of the programme, I found both departments to be extremely different to the role I did in Finance in terms of the actual day-to-day. Yet as the programme draws to a close, my grasp on LinkedIn’s business operations as a whole has been immensely refined and I have been struck by how the three departments are essentially all one under the same operational umbrella, providing world class support. Every deal that LinkedIn closes must pass through Credit, Order Management and Enterprise Services meaning that all three support functions collaborate daily and all play a vital role in the process of each and every booking – something I never even thought of when my sole focus was on the individual contribution of my own function. Having gone through this programme and acquiring a broader view of our business, I feel equipped to be a more valuable business partner, to make the right decisions for the company and not just for me, and ultimately to act like an owner.

Ross Kelly in Sales Operations:
It has been an amazing experience for me, from the insights I’ve gained to the projects I worked on to the people I learned from. Being trusted to look after Accounts Payable for our Asia Pacific region was both challenging and rewarding. I was selected by management to train a new team member in Singapore. To be considered “the go to guy” after only a couple weeks made me immensely proud of how adaptable I could be. Only at LinkedIn do I think I would been afforded this opportunity. Having been through this program, the knowledge I’m gaining will hopefully give a return for LinkedIn for the investment they have made in me. To have more than a layman’s knowledge about different departments is a huge advantage to me in my career as I strive to become a business leader someday.

Christen Romness in Global Customer Operations:
Within the relatively short span of eight months, I had the opportunity to learn about parts of the business that I otherwise would not. I started the program in Order Management and have now moved on to Accounts Payable. Supported by my manager and the team I took on projects that have greatly expanded my insight in how the business is run. It also helped me develop a more analytical approach to my work, something that will surely be beneficial when spotting trends in the Customer Support queues. One of the highlights for me has been learning from different managers and colleagues and taking on different roles. I’ve had a huge amount of personal development over the last six months; this in no small thanks to the people I’ve worked with and the managers I’ve learnt from. Obviously learning new systems doesn’t hurt either and while the ramping up period for each job is hectic, it is also very rewarding. The whole experience has been great; from meeting and getting to know people in the other departments to gaining a deeper understanding of the different business areas. Wherever my career takes me, this will definitely give me the chance to develop into a more well rounded professional and individual.