Discovering Generosity on LinkedIn inDay [SLIDESHOW]

September 27, 2012

LinkedIn inDay is a special day each month when employees are encouraged to work on inspirational projects and invest in our career paths. These days give us time to think, to take a breath, and to step back for a day with our peers.

In September, the inDay theme was “Discovery”. Our team in Singapore decided it would be a great opportunity to learn from one another. We had over 40 employees in a conference room sharing information and learning about each department’s goals and missions.

What happened next was truly inspiring. We were all participating in a game of question and answer with a $100 gift card on the line. At the end, when all was said and done, instead of indulging in an office shopping spree, the team collectively decided to donate the money to charity. The gift cards went to a teenager with autism supported by hardworking parents who take on multiple jobs to support his special needs and his two siblings.

I was stunned by their generosity, kindness and sincere goodness. Their actions reminded me of my decision to join LinkedIn and reaffirmed my belief that working for the right company is absolutely fundamental to a company’s success and professional career growth. At LinkedIn, we call this “connecting talent with opportunity”.

Allen Blue, LinkedIn’s co-founder, said recently at an APAC all hands meeting that "we want to change the way business is done for the benefit of the world”.  Such a statement is not uncommon from the LinkedIn leadership team. Yet, what is most inspiring is that this mission continues to permeate our culture and across the seas, even as we grow so quickly.

LinkedIn InDay, LinkedIn’s Veterans Initiatives and LinkedIn Board Connect are three distinct ways LinkedIn is demonstrating its desire to “change the way business is done for the benefit of the world” while empowering employees along the way.