4 Ways to Stay Up to Date with Your Network on the New LinkedIn Homepage

October 1, 2012

By now you should be experiencing a newer, simpler, and more modern LinkedIn homepage. We designed your new homepage to be an everyday destination where you can discover and discuss what matters to you most. Here are four simple ways you can use your new LinkedIn homepage to stay up to date with your professional network:

1. Build your brand. 
Share status updates with your network regularly. Whether it is a thought provoking article you just read on LinkedIn Today, a conference you’re planning to attend, or a question you’ve been pondering, each status update helps you define your personal brand.

2. Get informed.
Your LinkedIn homepage is the go-to place for the most important conversations and articles. Not only can you stay on top of what news is buzzing in your industry, you can also check out professional changes in your network from job changes to work anniversaries and share your congrats right from the homepage stream.

3. Be a part of the professional conversation.
Stay connected to your network by liking or commenting on their status updates. Comment on an article your connection just shared or join an interesting Groups discussion your colleagues are participating in. Our new Notifications feature makes it easier to keep interesting discussions going with your network. By regularly participating in these conversations, you will be top of mind when your connections have relevant opportunities.

4. Build your network before you need it.
The best time to reach out to someone is when you don’t need something from them, so start connecting now with people you may know.

At LinkedIn, we’re committed to helping you be great at what you do so stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how you can make the most of LinkedIn.

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