Expedia: Our Travel Revolution Seeks Citizens [VIDEO]

October 15, 2012

Editor's Note: Last week, we announced  LinkedIn's 100 Most InDemand Employers, a set of rankings based on our massive professional dataset. We are now following up with tips on how you can get a job at one of these employers starting with Expedia who made it in the Top 20.

As savvy & active members of LinkedIn, from time to time, you're most likely checking out future employers. Hopefully you're giving Expedia the good ole once over! We’re delighted to have made LinkedIn’s 100 Most InDemand Employers last week. I’m here today to tell you why Expedia is a great place to work and how you can network your way in to work for us (or any other dream employer for that matter!).

Expedia is chock-full of innovative, passionate and enterprising employees – which I’d like to refer to as “citizens”. As citizens of Expedia we don’t have a national anthem or a native dish (okay, maybe beer and late-night sliders), but we do have a shared sense of pride and the occasional feeling that we speak our own language. We’re quirky and confident. We like working together and on our own. We love solving problems and creating new ideas; yet we embrace our differences in order to learn, grow and succeed. That’s what makes us the No. 1 online travel company in the world.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “great stuff, but I’ve applied & it’s such a black hole of an experience…how can I work the system?” Glad you’re thinking that! Here are my top 3 tips of things you can do to get in:

  1. Watch our video about our culture & decide if you are a fit! First things first, right? You need to truly define if this amazing technology/travel company is a “target” for the next step in your career. Are we a culture fit for who you are and the type of people you want to work with? Watch this video to get a glimpse:
  2. Network, network, network. In 2004, I joined LinkedIn with the sole purpose of networking with my professional colleagues. LinkedIn has lived up to this and created a platform that enables talented individuals to network with companies. Here’s how to do it. Run some targeted searches of Expedia employees that would be your peers. Also, look for management that would be above you if you worked here. Send a message and ask for an informational interview. You can talk about which groups to join, local associations to be involved with, what roles we might have open in the future and best yet; see if you can offer anything to them. An initial back and forth around a common interest (i.e. Hadoop) is a great way to start!
  3. Last, but not least. There is a ton more secretive stuff that you’ll have to connect with me on LinkedIn to hear about. Let’s be honest, it’s those folks that work in human resources that are open to engaging with talent who are your best advocates. Nothing beats the opportunity to have someone like myself walk a print out of your resume over to the hiring manager’s desk.

Our extensive brand portfolio includes Expedia.com®, Hotels.com®, Hotwire®, Egencia®, eLong™, Venere.com®, Expedia Local Expert®, and Classic Vacations®. I’m a citizen of Expedia. Where can I take you?